Brantford Municipal Election

Brantford Municipal Election

Let your voice be heard! 24 Oct 2022
    Brantford, ON, Canada
    10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

    Brantford: Ready For Tomorrow

    These have been challenging times, but Mayor Kevin Davis has worked tirelessly with city council to prepare Brantford for a future of growth and opportunity. And they have done it while tightly controlling tax increases.

    • More jobs and more housing. The land north of Powerline Road is being prepared for new industries and housing for thousands of people. Costco, Hershey’s Chocolate & Upfield Canada (Becel Margarine) have already picked Brantford as the place to grow.
    • Better health care. The city has paved the way for the province to move forward on a plan for sweeping redevelopment of Brantford General Hospital
    • Help for those experiencing homelessness. Assisted housing units are in the works.
    • Support for those who need it. New and expanding programs help those with mental health and drug addictions get the care they need.
    • A greener city. The city’s vehicle fleet is being electrified and a green bin program is on the way. Existing parks are being upgraded and new ones built.
    • A safer city. More police are on the streets, the ambulance fleet is larger and more firefighters are on the job.

    Kevin Davis has served Brantford as a lawyer and community leader for four decades. As a volunteer he’s supported children, families, seniors and our most vulnerable residents. He helped promote economic growth and job creation.

    As Mayor and City Councillor, he’s learned how to get things done in city hall. Kevin Davis is optimistic about the future and has the dedication, experience and skill to lead us there.


    Kevin Davis for Mayor…

    I’ve lived and worked in Brantford for many years.  I’ve met many of you through my law practice and through volunteer and community groups.  Like you, I’ve made a lot of friends while encouraging my children and grandchildren through their sports and schooling.  I bring strong leadership to every project using a fair and thoughtful approach.

    On October 24th, 2022, I’m asking for your vote because strong leadership that listens with respect will make Brantford the best we can be, and the place where we can imagine our future.

    Putting community first is important to me.  I’ve been honoured to work in the following roles in our great City:

    • President, Brantford Boys and Girls Club
    • Chairman of John Noble Home for the Aged
    • Chairman of the Brantford Economic Development Board
    • Director of the Brantford YM-YWCA Housing Corporation
    • City Councillor, City of Brantford
    • Founding member, President, Brantford Collaborative Law Group
    • President of the Brantford Chamber of Commerce
    • President of the Brantford Aquatic Club
    • Mohawk College Board of Governors
    • United Way Campaign Chair
    • Treasurer/Director Brant Condo Corp #62
    • President Rotary Club of Brantford Sunrise
    • Managing Partner, 6 years, Waterous, Holden, Amey, Hitchon LLP