More Opportunities

Brantford is attracting new residents and new industries. Barry Callebaut Chocolate, Costco, Hershey’s Chocolate, Heritage Hockey Sticks and Upfield Canada (Becel) have picked Brantford as the place to grow. New housing is rising across the city.
A new era of growth lies ahead. The Boundary Lands north of Powerline Road will eventually be home to 50,000 people and 20,000 new jobs. The development has to be managed so it benefits newcomers and existing residents alike.
A growing city will bring new opportunities – for employment, attainable housing, education, retail, entertainment, transportation and more.
We must continue to improve services and infrastructure in the rest of the city.
• Push ahead with construction of sewers, water and other services for the Boundary Lands.
• Plan development so there’s a broad mix of housing options to meet the needs of all.
• Develop a new community centre, library and park to serve Southwest Brantford.
• Work with nearby municipalities on transportation issues, including those facing West Brant commuters and establishing new links to Waterloo Region.
• Improve green spaces such as parks, trails and the riverfront.
• Make our future greener by electrifying our vehicle fleet, improving transit, launching a green bin program and upgrading city buildings to reduce energy use.
• Continue to develop a stronger relationship with Six Nations and Credit First Nations.