Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for agreeing to help Kevin in his campaign to become Mayor of Brantford by offering to seek out and accept contributions on his behalf.

The rules regarding contributions to political campaigns are very specific.  You must be certain before accepting any contribution that it is within the bounds of those rules.

      • Only individuals who are resident of Ontario can contribute.
      • NO corporate or union contributions are allowed (this is new)
      • The limit per contributor is $1200 with a cap of $5000 from any contributor to candidates for Brantford City Council.
      • Cash donations cannot exceed $25 but must still be receipted.
      • There are no tax credits available for contributions to municipal campaigns
      • All contributions must be receipted.
      • Donations can be made via E-Transfer at Please include your full name and contact information.

If you have any questions regarding the legality of any offered contribution please contact me at 519-865-3488 or by email at

Barb Herron

Financial Officer for the Kevin Davis for Mayor Campaign

How much would you like to donate?