Healthier and Safer

Today’s cities face many challenges. Brantford is no different.
Homelessness and substance abuse are being met with a revitalized anti-drug strategy, supportive housing, expanded outreach services, a new residential detox centre and a pilot safe supply project.
Brantford is moving ahead on public safety. More police officers and firefighters are on the job. The ambulance service is expanding.
At the centre of our health care system is the need for a new, redeveloped BGH.
• Push the province to deliver a $1 billion rebuild of Brantford General Hospital so we get the healthcare we deserve.
• Build 500 affordable housing units (rent-geared-to-income) in partnership with Brant County, Ontario and Canada.
• Support community organizations and municipal departments helping the homeless and substance abusers.
• Ensure first responders have the resources they need to keep us safe.
• Implement stronger environmental policies to protect environmentally sensitive lands and biodiversity.